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Our Luxe collection is all about introducing the best, affordable luxury scented candles to complement any home and our 40/40 is the perfect addition!

With its' citrusy neroli and sweet, tropical papaya flower intertwine with the delicate aqueous tonalities of water lily, sweet, green tones of narcissus, the fruity undertones of amaryllis blooms. don't forget the warm musk and the musky, woody, aqueous nuances of cashmere blend harmoniously to unite and enhance this fragrant accord.

-100% All Natural Soy Wax

-High-Quality Fragrance Oils

-Glass Jars

-8oz Net Weight

-Wooden Wick

-55+ Hour Burn Time

-Phthalate Free

**For the best quality out of your candle, please allow your candle to reach a full melt pool (completely liquid on top) on the first time burning your candle. This will allow the "memory " to be established properly and prevent tunneling. Scented Candles should not be burned for no more than 3- 4 hours**

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